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Stage Estimation report

DevPlanner helps brainstorming work breakdown for a specific stage or a project. Furthermore it can calculate some forecasts, details and summary reports. For example it can help with predicting a completion date of the stage or a project based on available time and individual task estimations.

DevPlanner can prepare time estimation reports. Here is a feedback of a DevPlanner user Wilson:

"I am more than a little bewildered by all the reports and when they can best be used, and what preconditions they have -- i.e., what kinds of data one has to have entered to make the report (most) useful. So I have decided to ask dumb questions here in the forum and work towards some kind of descriptive use-oriented catalog of the reports. For no particular reason I'm starting with the "Stage Estimation" report.

My notion of a report is that it answers a question; and so my first question is, "What is the question that Stage Estimation answers or helps answer?"

The question seems to be something like: "What are the current estimates for all not-completed tasks in a part of the folder tree?" or in more normal terms "What are the current estimates for not-completed tasks of a complex task or project?"

Now, since the report doesn't take into account actual hours logged on these tasks, it doesn't tell me how many hours I estimate it will take to finish the non-completed tasks.

So it seems to me it would be useful only 1) when I'm estimating a *brand-new* project and none of the items is complete, so the report tells me the total estimated for the work, or 2) if I'm thinking about billing for not-completed work then this report might tell me what I can bill for once the work is done.

For me personally then I guess this report would be useful only when I am working with a brand-new task or project in which all tasks are not-completed and no actual time has been logged.

Obviously I'm asking folks whether I've gotten or missed the point of this report, so have at it."

Yes, everything he said about Stage estimation report is correct. I can see that he has also noticed Stage Overestimation report, it can suit in case if someone need to take into account actual hours logged on these tasks.

We will continue talking about Stage Overestimation report in the next post.

I'm looking forward to hear your questions, comments or tips. Drop me an email or simply leave a comment here. Thanks for your time.

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